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Prairie Hills Retrievers

Field Bred Golden Retrievers 

Phoebe x Red Puppies

It's hard to believe, but the time is almost here for this group of pups to head to their homes.  While there are subtle differences between each of them with regard to energy level and personality, keep in mind all of these pups are athletic, energetic, and carry the genes of proven field dogs.  The quietest of them still has the makings of an excellent retriever and will need plenty of exercise, play and training in order to make a biddable family companion.

This is Blue.  She has the highest energy, and an alpha-type personality.  She is fast.  She is our 1st pick for a home looking for a high performing field dog.

Black is another high energy female.  She is attentive and people-focused.  She is our 2nd pick for a field dog and also our 2nd pick for a family home companion.

Pink is a high energy pup with lots of personality.  She is athletic and feisty.  She would also be a 2nd pick for us for a field dog and 3rd for a family home companion. 

White is slightly more reserved than the others, but she likes to retrieve and carry toys around. She is athletic and well put together.  She is our 1st pick for a family pet and would be a 2nd or 3rd pick for a sporting home.  

The boys are a rowdy bunch and Red is the boss.  He's strong and fast.  He is our first pick for a sporting home. 

Green is the handsome boy of the group.  He has good drive and a happy disposition.  He is our 3rd pick for a field dog and 2nd for a home companion. 

Purple is a pistol!  He is super fast and very high energy.  He will be an exceptional athlete.  He is our 2nd pick for a field dog and 4th for a home companion. 

Yellow is a nice guy.  He's got good energy and drive, and is also very people-focused.  He's likes to cuddle after he's had enough of going 100mph.  He's our 1st pick for a home companion and would be a 2nd pick for field work.